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  • Men and women consider that they are blessed only if they have a child and continue their progeny.
  • About eight cores of married men and women in the age group of 18-40 suffer from infertility which is curable.
  • Infertility is a common phenomenon all over the world found among all regions and climatic conditions.
  • Infertility affects upto 15% reproductive aged couples worldwide.
  • Although the male infertility has been found to be the cause of a couple’s failure to conceive in about 50% of cases, the social burden falls disproportionately on women.
  • In addition to the personal grief and suffering it causes, the inability to have children especially in poor communities can create broader problems, particularly for the woman, in terms of social stigma, economic hardship, social isolation, and even violence.
  • Various studies have found that childless women in developing countries are often abandoned by their husband, subjected to violence, or treated as servants by the husband’s family.

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